You've got a few questions on your mind
(so does my Jewish mother).

Here's the deal:

It says you're sold old out of the schmatta I want.
When will you restock?

Sorry about that. Our clothes are made from
scratch in LA, so it takes time. Hang in there.

I don't live in US or Canada? How can I get one?

Right now, we're not shipping outside of North America. But if you happen to be in the land of milk and honey, check out Precious boutique in Tel Aviv.

I need these in my store pronto. What about wholesale?

We hear you. Email us at and tell us a little bit about your boutique/store. And we'll be happy to schmooze.

Where are you guys based?

We're out in LA. But if you're in the Big Apple, check us out in the Jewish Museum of NYC.

What about returns?

All of our items are listed as final sale. No exchanges.  Email us at for any questions.